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Everything You Need To Know About Drug Testing

downloadIt seems just about every employer and law enforcement agency is conducting a more frequent and better drug test on employees and lawbreakers. Some states are even considering administering a drug test for people seeking government financial and food assistance. Whether you agree with random drug testing or not, there are those who still like to take part in a little recreational drug use whether legal or illegal.

The different types of drug test
There are four basic types of drug test, and each one has its own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Urine test- This is the most popular type of drug test used by law enforcement and by most businesses. This test is so widely used because of its simplicity to administer, fast results, and accuracy. However, urine tests are also popular because of their low cost. Let’s face it, drug test cost money, so the organization paying for the test will try and keep costs as low as possible. Respectively, a urine test is also the easiest to fool and test clear on.

Hair follicle drug test
This is the most expensive type of drug test there is, and it’s also the most accurate. This type of test is often administered in serious cases such as child custody and CPS cases where a parents drug history is in question. A hair follicle test can go back several years and indicate how much drug use has occurred during that time. The test can even tell if the drug use has continued or stopped altogether.

Saliva drug test
This test is fast becoming the most popular type of drug used by law enforcement. The reason this type of drug test is becoming more commonly used is due to its fast results and accuracy. Also, a saliva test is much harder to fool using the standard tricks used to test clear on a urine test. A saliva test can also be administered anytime and anywhere.

Blood drug test
This type of drug test is the least commonly used because it must be administered by a health care professional. A blood test is very accurate and is often used by insurance companies and law enforcement. A blood test is often done in conjunction with a urine test to determine short and long-term drug use.

How to test clean on a drug test
The best way to test clear on a drug test is not to use drugs or stop using one to four weeks before any drug testing. Keep in mind that some drugs remain in your system longer than others, so it’s crucial to learn which drugs will remain in your system for longer periods of time.

Tips for a Lasting Relationship

Divorce has been rife these past few decades and numbers are not encouraging. It’s easier to get a divorce now than ever. Some statistics suggest that about half of marriages in the developed world will come to an end sometime between the first few months and the first ten years. That’s just marriage; what about friendships, family relationships, and workplace relationships? We live in a world where “permanence” is just a phase in every aspect of life, but that’s not how everyone wants it. In fact, a lot of people would say they yearn for something more lasting; for some stability.

Relationships You Can Trust

That stability has to come from a healthy place, though; from a union of two people who don’t rely on each other to the point of obsession or control. Ensuring one’s health in a common-law or marital relationship requires commitment. Two people must trust one another to be in this for the long-term, not just as long as they can handle being together. Finances are involved and dividing those gets messy. When children come along, learning how to stay together is more important than ever. Say what you want about kids adjusting well no matter what they have to go through, but many will tell you they wished they didn’t have to travel back and forth between mom’s apartment and dad’s basement suite or get used to step-parents and blended families.

Starting Strong

Before even setting a marriage date, talk to a marriage counselor or the pastor at your church. These individuals are eager to help couples start out strongly by assessing why they want to be together in the first place. Professionals talk couples through their motivations and may uncover some problems wherein one party just wants to be taken care of, or the other always thought he had to be the head of a household to be important. There could be deep insecurities or control issues to sort out; even issues around childhood abuse or neglect. One person could be suffering from mental health problems that should be sorted out prior to marriage. Young couples often reach their thirties saying “I wish I had known to ask” this or that question, but it is far too late. A counselor will propose those unthought-of questions at sessions held before the wedding or to setting up a home together.

Tethered for Trouble

Are you locked in on this relationship? Do you have your tent fully tethered to the ground, the peg hammered deeply into firm soil? Don’t imagine life will be rosy because you love each other. Many so-called “ideal” unions have come undone as a result of the simplest issues: finances, becoming parents, illness, or disagreements. Is it possible you reached the point of being married for two or three years and have never learned to fight? Maybe that is something every pair should do before saying “I do”; find out how they comport themselves when they disagree. Does one run off in tears? Does the other clam up and say nothing? Is there verbal or emotional violence; a tendency to turn to drink during these times? Figure out how you deal with difficulty and if it’s not a healthy method, talk to someone about learning to deal better with stress. Life won’t get easier; it tends to become more difficult over time. Often, the best idea is simply for each of you to have someone outside of the partnership to turn to because it is not good to always rely on each other, especially not if you can’t agree on something.

Respect Rules

Of all the guidelines anyone sets down for a relationship, the number one rule is to respect one another. There will be times when you do not like or desire one another, but respect will help each party avoid making potential bridge-burning decisions like having an affair, leaving home, lashing out, or talking about one’s spouse negatively at work and among friends. If you believe the person in your life deserves your respect no matter how you feel, choosing to hold your tongue or even to enroll in marriage counseling is much easier. In time, many relationships recover from cold phases where a couple doesn’t feel connected as long as one or both people in the partnership hold back from saying or doing anything there is no recovering from.

Shared Values

It is always a good idea to discuss your Values. From personal, and moral, to health, spiritual and political. Some people may not want to talk about these delicate topics early on in the relationship, but taking the time to do so, can save people from forming damaging resentments later on in the relationship. For instance, if you have fitness goals, and your partner does not share the same vision, it can be taxing on the relationship. Getting your significant other on board with your values and goals doesn’t always have to be a struggle. Sometimes doing something together with structure can bring a couple together. For any women out there reading this, I just read this review of Venus Factor and now I am feeling motivated to try that out, and that says a lot since I struggle with gym motivation from time to time.


How To Do Online Marketing


Search Engine Optimization is a means of enhancing the worldwide web profile of a company, an organization, or an individual. Marketing is like advertising; letting people know there is a product or service out there.

SEO Graphic

You can improve your internet popularity and Google Search rankings with some simple SEO tactics and marketing strategies, increasing both traffic and conversion rates. There are bound to be fringe benefits too.

Social Media

Though not specifically a marketing tool, Facebook is a great place to get your name out to consumers. It is used by many organizations as a way of introducing themselves, or marketing a brand, and of maintaining communication with customers too. You might call it “soft marketing,” especially when not used to blatantly advertise a product or service.

In other words, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are portals for companies to present their personal face and appear to be having a conversation with would-be clients. It’s a natural, low-pressure method which doesn’t feel like it has an agenda when done right. As customers get to know your positive personality, however, they are certainly more inclined to want to support your business. Think of it this way: you have friends whose businesses you support because you want them to succeed. When firms use social media to make friends out of consumers, those consumers want to support their new friends by buying stuff.

Facebook promotions can also be very successful. Using this and other social media, businesses promote contests which are only available to those who “like” the firm or who become members of their Facebook feed. Even if they don’t win anything, these potential clients are exposed to a brand name more often and aren’t likely to forget it, as long as those feeds are done well and customers aren’t feeling harassed.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

When you want to sell a product, consider the pay-per-click method. A firm rents space on a website by arranging to pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks their ad. Here are the steps. First, you have to develop an ad. This is a tiny sign which will appear in one of the sidebars, along a header, or a footer of a website. Google runs ads; so do many “trivia” sites which post top-ten lists about what happened to child celebrities, sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, etc.

Keep the information very brief, mentioning pertinent, eye-catching details only. When the consumer clicks on this, he or she is automatically taken to a new website, so the site doesn’t have to be named; just company and product or service plus a hook: win a prize or only 100 of these samples to be given away, free.

Selecting the PPC site is important too. Do you place it in a high-traffic location where most people will ignore it or clicks are likely to be from curiosity-seekers only? Or do you select a moderate or low-traffic site better related to the ad and the company that created it? Although there is less traffic to this page, more people are likely to click, and conversion rates could be higher too.

Remember: you pay for clicks, even if a sale isn’t made on the basis of that click. Idle curiosity doesn’t sell all that much.

SEO Marketing and Blogs

A blog can be a marketing tool too if keywords are applied judiciously. Hire an SEO writer or do some research of your own to establish which words people are most likely to type into a search bar. These searches often incorporate a place like the nearest large city, so localize the key word phrase to say “Key Cutting Houston” instead of just “Key Cutting.”

While PPC attracts people who weren’t looking for you, keywords direct individuals who are already searching for goods and services to your internet door. In order for this work, a website will be necessary. It can be an e-commerce page or a blog connected to your website, but you must have somewhere to write content. Captions, articles, and brief product summaries can all contain keywords which lead a consumer to your site.

SEO Expertise

Now you must decide who will take care of the work. SEO skills are learned over time and experts can substantially raise your ranking on Google. Find someone you can trust, read reviews. A company I saw on facebook with a good reputation focuses mainly on SEO Delaware. If your website is developed and you run a social media feed, you’re already one step ahead!

Different Types Of Diets


View a diet as a way of eating for life or as a way to lose weight: either way, you could be about to make a shift in the way you shop for and eat food. There is always planning involved in the running of a kitchen, however small.

Few people can leave their food budgets wide open to eat whatever they want whenever they want it. Exploring the possibility of a particular method, however, could require extensive reading and more planning than you are used to.

download21st Century Diets

Each of the following programs actually finds its roots in an earlier era, but they have been embraced by a modern audience of consumers hungry for better health. In this current climate of high obesity rates and with Type 2 Diabetes rampant, evaluating eating styles is more important than ever.

Each of the following styles is popular with large groups of North Americans or, one might argue, with groups of large Americans: Paleo, Atkins, Anabolic, and high protein diets. These are just some of the many but are possibly the best programs for long-term use as compared with a lemon juice diet, for example, which is punishing but helps people lose lots of weight quickly.

All of the styles above share at least one thing in common: a low-carb profile. They are designed around the idea that carbohydrates the way Westerners think of them are generally bad but to different extremes. Of all the diets here, the anabolic is least known, but its target audience is not an overweight community as much as a fitness-oriented group.

Anabolic Eating

The Anabolic Diet isn’t for everyone. The plan intimidates many people because of the complexity involved in following it properly. Consumers cycle carbs and proteins, so they don’t avoid carbs entirely, although you should not picture carb-heavy days as featuring a lot of bread and cereal. Emphasis is still on healthy foods like oats and quinoa. Consumers who use this method are trying to gain muscle weight and lose fat; shape their bodies in a very particular way. They generally gain muscle and have more energy without feeling hungry, and there’s plenty of healthy fat to encourage strength and mental focus. Here are some reviews of anabolic cooking.

Paleo Diet

This is popular with allergy sufferers. It isn’t vegetarian so vegans will not appreciate this way of eating. The high protein nature of a Paleo diet accompanied by lots of plants is said to be derived from the hunter-gatherer way of living during prehistoric times. The premise is that prehistoric people did not plant and sow grains; they were nomadic, eating only what was already growing in an area or what they killed. Even if you prefer a more modern way of looking at food consumption, arguing that we shouldn’t eschew advancements in later millennia and more recent centuries, there is a certain appeal to this way of eating. People with diabetes find the glycemic content to be very low and find that following this method isn’t just good for weight loss; it helps them to balance blood sugar.

Atkins Diet

While the other two diets are controversial, this one might have been subject to the most tongue-wagging of all three owing to rumors about Atkins’ weight at the time he died. Reports suggested that he was overweight, but the truth shows that he was, in fact, fit and relatively healthy for someone with a heart condition. This condition was not dietary but caused by other factors and he probably did not eat Atkins meal replacements either. They don’t do the founder’s reputation much good as they are loaded with sugar.

The Atkins Diet removes many foods from the menu for the first phase; foods like potatoes, bread, parsnips, crackers, and oats. During this time, consumers learn to live off of plants that contain more fiber and water plus lean protein. Foods are reintroduced to the menu (or perhaps for the first time depending on how often consumers eat fruits, vegetables, and lean protein) until achieving a new standard which includes some carbs, but in smaller amounts than before. This can be and has been a highly successful way of eating for many people because they don’t feel hungry. The method is complex and high protein methods seem to pose some challenges to a world where processed foods whet appetites, but there are lots of excellent testimonies in favor of all these high protein dietary agendas.

Some people find it hard to eat enough protein on a high protein diet. That’s where supplements can come in handy. But it can be hard to figure out what kind of protein to get.  There are many brands and reviews to choose from. It is a good idea to get something natural. Finding the best natural protein powder for your specific needs will take some research.

Then you have a whole other category of organic supplements.  Anything organic will have the UDSA organic symbol right on the label so you know its been certified. Here is a fantastic article on organic protein.

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