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How To Do Online Marketing


Search Engine Optimization is a means of enhancing the worldwide web profile of a company, an organization, or an individual. Marketing is like advertising; letting people know there is a product or service out there.

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You can improve your internet popularity and Google Search rankings with some simple SEO tactics and marketing strategies, increasing both traffic and conversion rates. There are bound to be fringe benefits too.

Social Media

Though not specifically a marketing tool, Facebook is a great place to get your name out to consumers. It is used by many organizations as a way of introducing themselves, or marketing a brand, and of maintaining communication with customers too. You might call it “soft marketing,” especially when not used to blatantly advertise a product or service.

In other words, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are portals for companies to present their personal face and appear to be having a conversation with would-be clients. It’s a natural, low-pressure method which doesn’t feel like it has an agenda when done right. As customers get to know your positive personality, however, they are certainly more inclined to want to support your business. Think of it this way: you have friends whose businesses you support because you want them to succeed. When firms use social media to make friends out of consumers, those consumers want to support their new friends by buying stuff.

Facebook promotions can also be very successful. Using this and other social media, businesses promote contests which are only available to those who “like” the firm or who become members of their Facebook feed. Even if they don’t win anything, these potential clients are exposed to a brand name more often and aren’t likely to forget it, as long as those feeds are done well and customers aren’t feeling harassed.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

When you want to sell a product, consider the pay-per-click method. A firm rents space on a website by arranging to pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks their ad. Here are the steps. First, you have to develop an ad. This is a tiny sign which will appear in one of the sidebars, along a header, or a footer of a website. Google runs ads; so do many “trivia” sites which post top-ten lists about what happened to child celebrities, sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, etc.

Keep the information very brief, mentioning pertinent, eye-catching details only. When the consumer clicks on this, he or she is automatically taken to a new website, so the site doesn’t have to be named; just company and product or service plus a hook: win a prize or only 100 of these samples to be given away, free.

Selecting the PPC site is important too. Do you place it in a high-traffic location where most people will ignore it or clicks are likely to be from curiosity-seekers only? Or do you select a moderate or low-traffic site better related to the ad and the company that created it? Although there is less traffic to this page, more people are likely to click, and conversion rates could be higher too.

Remember: you pay for clicks, even if a sale isn’t made on the basis of that click. Idle curiosity doesn’t sell all that much.

SEO Marketing and Blogs

A blog can be a marketing tool too if keywords are applied judiciously. Hire an SEO writer or do some research of your own to establish which words people are most likely to type into a search bar. These searches often incorporate a place like the nearest large city, so localize the key word phrase to say “Key Cutting Houston” instead of just “Key Cutting.”

While PPC attracts people who weren’t looking for you, keywords direct individuals who are already searching for goods and services to your internet door. In order for this work, a website will be necessary. It can be an e-commerce page or a blog connected to your website, but you must have somewhere to write content. Captions, articles, and brief product summaries can all contain keywords which lead a consumer to your site.

SEO Expertise

Now you must decide who will take care of the work. SEO skills are learned over time and experts can substantially raise your ranking on Google. Find someone you can trust, read reviews. A company I saw on facebook with a good reputation focuses mainly on SEO Delaware. If your website is developed and you run a social media feed, you’re already one step ahead!