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Everything You Need To Know About Drug Testing

downloadIt seems just about every employer and law enforcement agency is conducting a more frequent and better drug test on employees and lawbreakers. Some states are even considering administering a drug test for people seeking government financial and food assistance. Whether you agree with random drug testing or not, there are those who still like to take part in a little recreational drug use whether legal or illegal.

The different types of drug test
There are four basic types of drug test, and each one has its own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Urine test- This is the most popular type of drug test used by law enforcement and by most businesses. This test is so widely used because of its simplicity to administer, fast results, and accuracy. However, urine tests are also popular because of their low cost. Let’s face it, drug test cost money, so the organization paying for the test will try and keep costs as low as possible. Respectively, a urine test is also the easiest to fool and test clear on.

Hair follicle drug test
This is the most expensive type of drug test there is, and it’s also the most accurate. This type of test is often administered in serious cases such as child custody and CPS cases where a parents drug history is in question. A hair follicle test can go back several years and indicate how much drug use has occurred during that time. The test can even tell if the drug use has continued or stopped altogether.

Saliva drug test
This test is fast becoming the most popular type of drug used by law enforcement. The reason this type of drug test is becoming more commonly used is due to its fast results and accuracy. Also, a saliva test is much harder to fool using the standard tricks used to test clear on a urine test. A saliva test can also be administered anytime and anywhere.

Blood drug test
This type of drug test is the least commonly used because it must be administered by a health care professional. A blood test is very accurate and is often used by insurance companies and law enforcement. A blood test is often done in conjunction with a urine test to determine short and long-term drug use.

How to test clean on a drug test
The best way to test clear on a drug test is not to use drugs or stop using one to four weeks before any drug testing. Keep in mind that some drugs remain in your system longer than others, so it’s crucial to learn which drugs will remain in your system for longer periods of time.